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Course length: 2 hours

ETCP renewal credits: 2
(You must complete the ETCP Evaluation at the end of the course to earn your credits)

This class covers basic elements of “Arena Style” ground rigging. There is no certificate awarded.

Upon registering, you will have 5 days to complete the course.

You will learn:

  • The difference between “minimum breaking strength” and “weight load limit”.
  • Essential hardware and rigging material.
  • Motor operations and basic trouble shooting.
  • Chalk symbols for motors, steel baskets, split baskets and bridles.
  • How to build and attach rope to baskets and bridles for chain motors.
  • Regulations for inspection of rigging hardware and materials.
  • Standard practice for “Bolt plate” truss assembly.
  • Coiling steel and knuckling shackles.
  • The meaning of life (your experience may vary).
  • Jokes. There will be rigger jokes.

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The documents, information, videos and broadcast images included in the training are the property of Bigger Hammer Production Services, and may not be copied, published or distributed, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Bigger Hammer Production Services.